"Explore, Learn, Teach, Mentor, Expand"

by Stelios Moschos


I am a consulting software engineer with experience in industries such as Telco, Media, Travel, Logistics.

My current interests include:

Improving software delivery methods (i.e. DevOps, Agile) | Building efficient software using cutting edge technologies | Learning continuously by attending online courses, meetups, conferences | Passing on the acquired knowledge | Mentoring/guiding especially young professionals and graduates.

I hold a BSc from the Technical University of Thessaloniki in Greece (ATEI of Thessaloniki) and a Postgradute Diploma (PgDip) in Software Re-Engineering from University of Brighton.

Technical skills overview: AWS (certified), Test automation (Robotframework, Cucumber) | CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible | Java, Spring Boot, NodeJS

For more information e.g. availability, mentoring, help, please contact me.